Gen X Parents Support Gen Z's Exploration of Alternative Education

It used to be that you graduate high school and then go on to college. However, 75% of Gen Z say there are ways of getting a good education other than by going to college at all.  

Are their Gen X parents nervous about this fact? Not exactly. Instead, they’re encouraging their Gen Z kids to be 100% certain college is the path for them before making the monetary investment. Why? Gen X parents’ net worth fell by 45% during the recent recession, and while things are rebounding, the scars are deep.

On top of being financially cautious, Gen X parents are also open to alternative paths – as they always have been. This started with their Gen Z kids years ago. As a result of disappointments in public school offerings, Gen Z parents took matters into their own hands with homeschooling. During their primary school years, the number of Gen Zers homeschooled rose 62%. The fact that Gen X has an understanding reaction to questioning the college route follows suit with how they’ve approached education from the beginning.

Take comfort in knowing Gen Zers have big plans. In fact, 17% of Gen Z, compared to 11% of Millennials, plans to start their own business. But again, this comes as no big surprise considering 32% of Gen Z have a Gen X parent that's started his/her own business.

Starting to see a trend here?

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