Gen Z's Ready To Work - Is Your Company On Their Radar?

61% of Gen Z said they believe they need to be decided on a career path before entering college. But let’s face it, that’s a lot of pressure for an 18 year old. Heck, that’s a lot of pressure for anyone.

It used to be we went to college to explore, but now Gen Z sees colleges as trade schools to execute a predetermined mission. Sure, it’s good to have Gen Z focused, but we also have to ensure they know it’s acceptable and oftentimes beneficial to pivot in a new direction.

Sharing this expertise is foremost the role of parents, but companies can can help too. If we’re dealing with a generation that’s deciding on what they want to be earlier than previous generations, we need to provide exposure. So often we think of college years for internships, but is there any reason we can’t create opportunities earlier? If not a full-blown internship, what about an open house?

The companies that introduce themselves to Gen Z earlier on will have a leg up. Odds are these kids are looking out the window dreaming about a career with Apple, Nike or Twitter. An organization that makes heart valves or tires is likely not on their radar.

If 55% of Gen Z said they feel pressure to gain early work experience, help alleviate the pressure by opening up the door.

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