Take 5

Gen Z: 62.3% believe that five minutes or less is the ideal length of time for a feedback session on their jobs. 

According to our national GenZ@Work survey, 62.3% of Gen Zers believe that five minutes is perfect for feedback on their jobs. And, actually, for this generation, that’s a lot of time. 

A recent study from The National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, has shown that people born around 1995 have an eight-second attention span. To put this into perspective, when Millennials were the same age, attention spans were 12 seconds. 

However, realize that shortened feedback doesn’t have to be an “either/or”. In fact, savvy employers connecting with Gen Z will embrace “and”.

Employees will always need formal feedback processes on the job. Not only for compliance reasons, but for meaningful dialogues about how both employers and employees can best work together. These conversations are longer than five minutes, and they should be. Gen Z’s expectation of short conversations cannot – and will not – erase these important discussions

So, rather than continuously changing the formal feedback process, enhance it. For example, can we increase how and when Gen Zs receive feedback? Can we look for ways to tackle the length of job reviews and find ways to simplify and shorten the session? Here are a couple of opportunities to think over: 

  • Length of feedback.
    Long, drawn out reviews aren’t a good idea. Rather, concentrate on reviews that are short and to the point.
  • Update and often
    For a generation that is dialed in on what’s happening around them 24/7/365, waiting six months to hear how they are doing at their job just won’t work. Talk with your Gen Zer about what they need and work it into company parameters.

    For years, corporations have used digital dashboards to monitor organizational efficiencies and performance. Why should employees be any different? We’re seeing corporations turning to technology, and Gen Z will naturally push hard to track their performance with similar tools. 

    If any generation will embrace ‘there’s an app for that job review’ it will be Gen Z. 

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